Look who’s regressing!

The last time I took this quiz was in 2008 and it said that I act like I was 24. Well look who’s regressing!😄

You Act Like You Are 19 Years Old

You are a teenager at heart. You don’t quite feel like a grown up yet, but you don’t feel like a kid.
You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.

You’re quite rebellious, and you don’t like being told what to do. You like to do things your way.You have your own unique style, taste in music, and outlook on life.

What Age Do You Act?
Blogthings: A Fine Line Between Insight and Stupidity

Found: Unhatched stories

Having a little bit of time during this Lenten break, I got to pull out a few boxes stacked in some dark corner of my room. Under a few boxes I found an old plastic case I used to carry around to make sure my drawings remain unwrinkled. This was before I started using sketchpads, something I didn’t think I was worthy of doing since I’m abysmal at drawing.



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Pre-Lenten break gorge-down at The Burger Project


Like most Catholic countries, Holy Week in the Philippines means reflecting on your spiritual life and the passion of Christ, and giving up something as a form of sacrifice. While there are many things you can give up for Lent, we commonly give up eating meat from Maundy Thursday to Black Saturday. Hilariously enough, some take this opportunity to dive into three-day seafood binges, something I won’t be able to do because of my allergies

So before those three days come a-marching in, I decide to do a meaty gorge-down. And because there’s nothing quite like nomming down a juicy burger of my own design, I trooped over to The Burger Project in Jupiter.

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How not to die while queuing up for your employment requirements

How not to die at the NBI Renewal Center

Being freshly dumped by my previous employer of almost three years, I was again faced with the arduous task of completing employment requirements my current employer was asking for. As you know, this meant I would have to get my government papers renewed.

Of all the requirements, I was dreading the NBI Clearance the most. Having it renewed involve lining up for hours. Sure, the multitude of NBI Renewal Centers makes it a bit convenient but then again, as I said, you’re still gonna have to line up for freaking hours and deal with people.

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Molly Wood and Tom Merritt reunite for It’s a Thing

I’ve always loved podcasts. Being a dork, the podcasts I listen to are geek-themed so naturally, the best ones that usually keep me company every morning during my commute to work are from Nerdist, the TWiT Network and, of course, CNET.

ImageCNET’s Buzz Out Loud was the second podcast I ever listened to. I grew up watching TechTV’s shows and it was only natural that I sought out Leo Laporte’s This Week in Tech netcast which introduced me to BOL’s king of segues Tom Merritt and the quirky, rant-tastic Molly Wood.

For years, I welcomed this duo into my head, listening to every tech topic, news, rants and jokes. And then CNET announced last year that they would be canceling Buzz Out Loud.

Sure, I still have The 404 to entertain me every morning, I could still watch Molly’s CNET videos and subscribe to Tom’s Tech News Today podcast on TWiT but I was missing out on their dynamic. They’re one of the best teams in podcasting.

And then this happened.

Oh my stars and garters Molly Wood and Tom Merritt are podcasting together again!

Packing Up: The Death of a Dream

Image by cordon.alejandro

A roller coaster of emotions engulfed me as I highlighted my personal folder in the office computer, intending to delete it. It contained folders and folders of accumulated images, personal photos and articles I’ve written for this company since 2010.

Obviously, I backed them up on the cloud, but before hand them over to the trash bin, an obligatory browse was necessary.

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Unreleased Gateway PC sighted at Acer-CyberPress LAN Party

Originally posted at greyweed.i.ph

Top brass computer manufacturer Acer Philippines recently invited members of the CyberPress, aka the IT Journalists Association of the Philippines, for a LAN party. The event was held exclusively for the IT group at the company’s service center in Paco, Manila and featured competitions for two games, Need for Speed: Pro Street and Crysis.

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One down…

Originally posted at greyweed.i.ph


Just finished bloghopping the people on my buddy list.

And all I have to say, aside from the usual Merry Christmas and Happy New Year crap, is that my cynical friend’s no longer cynical.

His standard blog posts that shined brightly with existentialist ideas bathed in sullen tones have now been replaced by sappy lines proclaiming love engulfed by monogamy which, in my opinion, goes against the primary human objective of fucking as much as you can to spread your seed in a maladjusted worldwide orgy. Logically, though, the local population count sure as hell kicks this to the curb, so I guess it’s ok.

So this is what a girl can do to my kind.

Now don’t get me wrong; not that I’m not happy for the guy, but it sure looks like I’m gonna hafta be cynical by my lonesome from here on end. I feel like I’m Randal in the shittery watching Dante slowly drift away. Oooh…now that’s a thought, maybe I should get him some bestiality videos.


Traipsing Around Bohol II

Originally posted at greyweed.i.ph

Right after breakfast on our second day, the PR company announced the day’s activity: a series of challenges around Bohol ala Amazing Race. Having watched the first season of Amazing Race and a devoted follower of Amazing Race Asia, I was getting worried about how hard the challenges were gonna be and the lack of transportation. Thankfully, after dividing us into three teams, they assigned a van and a guide each. Unfortunately, this posed as a challenge for the cam whore in me; since we were running around most of the time and I took the adage “you’re only as fast as your slowest member” to heart, I couldn’t just stop to shoot photos. Continue reading

Traipsing Around Bohol

Originally posted at greyweed.i.ph

HP and Intel Philippines flew me and a bunch of IT reporters over to Panglao, Bohol for their annual Synergy event. A couple of days prior to the flight, we were advised to be at the airport at around 6:00am for the 8:00am flight.

Naturally, since I live considerably far, I left the house at around 3:00am, to give myself three hours to get there which I calculated to include the time wasted walking out of our subdivision, waiting for a tricycle to get to the highway, flagging a jeepney to get to Crossing, getting on a cab for the airport and the hurrendous traffic I was sure I’d encounter. Continue reading